The Power of One

Landlocked in the middle of Missouri surrounded by farmland – watching the oil spill from afar,  all I have felt to this point is helpless. I watch the news on television, read about it on the web – incredulous. How could this large-scale environmental problem be happening? Why do I have to sit here and […]

Edublog Award Nominations

As my blog is, to this point, a rather small endeavor, I also only have a few individuals I would like to nominate for the Edublog Awards this year. My first nomination is for Best Teacher Blog. For this award, I am nominating a blogger I read for many reasons –  insight, information, and inspiration. […]

Reading Into Genetics

Innovative interplay As a Biology teacher with dual certification in Communication Arts, I feel thrilled when the two disciplines can be creatively interwoven.  When my high school implemented a building wide read-aloud model two years ago (we require a minimum five minute teacher led read aloud every period in every classroom) I was truly excited!  […]

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